Develop public self-protection to minimize responders exposures (TOP CHALLENGE)


  • Focus on prevention, self-protection and risk awareness of population. Encourage self-protection measures (subsidy, exceptions in regulations…) Create a culture of emergency.
  • Train/educate/inform general population starting from scratch and in a basic and easy way, about knowledge of risk and appropriate behaviours, specially targeting those more exposed and vulnerable. Address all phases of emergency and the different levels of risk. Provide tools to facilitate adequate decision-making: checklists, emergency kits …  (TOP CHALLENGE scored 1/12 among our 12 best challenges)
  • Agree with public and private stakeholders on accepted risk and self-protection measures reaching pacts and deals. Do mandatory exercises financed by the owners of high risk activities. Focus on crowd management and panic. Disseminate instructions to apply in case of risk, in order to strengthen the appropriate population reactions.

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