Establish an interagency framework


  • Standardize fluxes of information and decision-making between private, civil and military environments, reducing bureaucracy.
  • Establish standards of roles, capabilities, competencies and processes for a multi-agency framework and the mechanisms to certify them. Nowadays under similar names, there are different capabilities, competencies and processes.
  • Cross-border logistical aid standards.
  • The standards of aid-teams should assess their autonomy to develop tasks with quality and without generating noise or extreme effort in the organization, which receives the aid. The team’s standards should asses the efficacy and quality of the capacity to reach the tactical objectives and to contribute to the resolution of the emergency.
  • Boost modules and capacities that provide intelligence and strategy on the resolution of the emergency.
  • Integrate specialists and non-specialists in operations, in the command post and in the chain of command.
  • Establish quality control systems of the pre-planning tasks.
  • Regulate cross-border plans and aids.
  • Regulate the jurisdictional responsibilities. It should be a mandatory unified communication system at least in cross-border scenarios. Integrate responders in the elaboration of legislation, norms and elements of risk planning: land use, building technical codes/norms, etc.
  • Towards a ‘bottom-up’ approach in order to harmonise legal aspects of prevention-protection measures, emergency management, work framework, terminology and procedures at a European level.
  • Increase flexibility in the European normative/regulations when there is a situation of emergency in order to integrate nonpublic actors. Modify the public policies (education, landscape, urban planning, industries…) including the integration of scenarios of big emergencies (HILOFs) that have likely return periods of decades.
  • Certify/validate models (when there is a need to assume judicial responsibilities it is necessary to have robust models to help the decision-making).

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