Focus on governance and capacity building towards more resilient societies


  • Promote quick adaptation to changes in scenario through situation assessment and decision-making structures.
  • Focus on small window of opportunities to change policies and governance processes.
  • Pre-plan communication management for specific scenarios. Include post-accident procedures.
  • Promote the growth of sustainable, risk-decreasing activities via policies, certifications, insurances...
  • Involve key stakeholders (risk owners, control owners...) in action-based strategies, considering integral risk management opportunities. Identify strategic ownership.
  • To be resilient in front of uncertain risks, the development own skills and community skills should be encouraged fostering habits focused on the adaptation to risk scenarios and on the robustness in front of the risk. Communities should get ready tools alternative to technology that allow them be resilient when technology fails.
  • Plan improving the resilience among responders to maintain their response capacity.
  • Identify and reduce bureaucracy and other inhibitors that slow progress.
  • Pre-plans should be flexible, focused on indicators of key changes and providing tools for alternatives and contingency plans.

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