Focus on sustainability of safe operations (TOP CHALLENGES)


  • Identify the problem quickly, dimension, and zone. Identify potential damages/victims, order priorities, plan safe access in hostile environment, and maintain situation awareness.
  • Adapt the efforts, tempos of operations and community protection to:
    • forecasted available capacities,
    • forecasted potential damages that could be suffered by vulnerable populations and elements,
    • forecasted changes in the scenario,
    • sustainability of operations,
    • grant the provisional restoring of key critical infrastructures.
  • Maintain situation awareness. Avoid the loss of information with shifts’ changes. (TOP CHALLENGE scored 9/12 among our 12 best challenges)
  • Build trust inside crews with different specializations, among crews and with commanders.
  • Appoint a safety officer at highest level of decision. It is necessary to develop an exceptional organizational level of officials and of crew in operations. At the moment to decide the operations to develop in complex interventions it is necessary to take into account the balance between responders’ security, responders’ protection and interests involved in the emergency.

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