Organizational learning focusing efforts in key risks and opportunities (TOP CHALLENGE)


  • Towards a complete cycle of knowledge. Adjust Standard Operational Procedures (SOPs), doctrine and pre-plans using the feedback from real incidents and from exercises testing them (evaluators, assessors, statistics…) and identify the main gaps to focus efforts in training, procedures, personnel and equipment. Evidence based on fire scenarios. The process learning of an organization goes through the identification of own ‘best practices’ and the external ones:
    • to collect experiences and convert them into guides,
    • to collect ‘lessons learned’ and transform the best points into protocols,
    •  to share experiences with the aim of generating standards 

>> (TOP CHALLENGE scored 11/12 among our 12 best challenges)

  • Study and learn from research, from private enterprises, from incidents occurred in the past and/or in other places…
  • Combine experts and specialist who accumulate knowledge with an increase in knowledge and skills of firefighters, and with the involvement of stakeholders in prevention visits and exercises. Boost multidisciplinary teams of experts either scientist, specialists, firefighters or stakeholders to focus specific and particular problems.
  • Keep the knowledge of the organization as a priority (avoid the loss of experience with the generational change).
  • Focus on the improvement of the cost-efficiency of trainings, exercises, practices…
  • Optimize the collection of lessons learned processes (=implemented) inside the organization and between organizations. Look for specialists in those areas.
  • Broaden the focus of learning, involving situation awareness at all levels, and specially on prevention and selfprotection. Focus on rapid recognition of the scenario; on anticipation of the behaviour of the fire/water/chemical/radiation; on anticipation of opportunities and risks.

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