Standardize capabilities in front of pre-established scenarios (TOP CHALLENGE)


  • Standardize competences to respond and prevent risks, also to respond to the exchanges, lessons learned, drills and evaluations processes to maintain them.Build specific SOP and doctrine for specific scenarios with high impact.
  • Establish useful criteria for decision makers in order to measure and compare approaches in front of this sort of emergencies.
  • Adapt the legal framework and requirements on prevention and self-protection of infrastructures and activities to first responders’ needs, lessons learned from past events... Plan the implementation of laws and plans. Adapt the regulations to emergency situations. (TOP CHALLENGE scored 10/12 among our 12 best challenges)
  • Involve firefighters in establishing doctrine and build a proactive approach to risk.
  • Doctrine and procedures should focus on protecting firefighters and the rest of people, but should not focus on avoiding and correcting legal conflicts.
  • Therefore they should be simple and allow freedom and adaptability to reality. In a situation of crisis, the data protection legislation should facilitate the availability of information in order to make easy to take decisions shared with multiple agents, it should also allow the individual and organizational learning.

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