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Scope, rationale, context: general description. Precise here if this technology is currently use (eg. company name or contact info) “Assistant Volunteer” is a SaaS platform aiming for the management and coordination of volunteers by organizations, to create and administrate actions and effectively respond to the assistance requests of citizens in need! Volunteering is an extremely effective and beneficial way to empower society, especially in difficult times like this. Also, it supports the increased operational needs of organizations at times such as this pandemic.

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To address the above problems, voluntary organizations need a reliable and efficient way to screen, match and certify volunteers for actions, and a trustworthy and secure channel for vulnerable citizens to ask for help.

That’s why we designed the “Assistant Volunteer”, an innovative platform aiming to assist organizations and government programs manage volunteering. Thus, we will maximize the positive impact of voluntary work in society by empowering voluntary organizations and local government programs while helping vulnerable social groups.

“Assistant Volunteer” will be a digital assistant, a communication channel that will connect vulnerable citizens with voluntary organizations and local government programs so that citizens can request assistance via a user-friendly and trustworthy solution. The centralized coordination (organization, government etc.) will ensure the integrity of the service.

Our solution can be configured to support organizations of all types and sizes to achieve modernization and upgrade of the operations, seamlessly with their workflow. The “Assistant Volunteer” will help voluntary organizations become more flexible by providing them with the tools to recruit, train, organize, coordinate and supervise volunteers. This will allow organizations to optimize services and streamline communications, reducing workload and increasing efficiency. With the “Assistant Volunteer” we make it easy to not just manage the volunteers, but effectively engage them and dedicate more time to making a difference.

“Assistant Volunteer” a solution that helps voluntary organizations and governments to harness the power of volunteers to deal with the COVID-19 crisis and afterwards.

“Assistant Volunteer” consists of three (3) parts that work together in order to meet the expectations of all involved parties. The Central Automated Management System (Cloud SaaS Platform), the Web Apps (web apps for registry & missions) and the Mobile Apps (mobile apps for volunteers & citizens).
“Assistant Volunteer” is designed by Modular Architecture allowing to replace or add any component (module) without affecting the rest of the system. This enables us to consistently improve our solution and it leads to higher quality.
“Assistant Volunteer” will include a central registry of volunteers and a dynamic management system of volunteers and missions. Through our solution, volunteers would be able to sign up on missions while organizations would be able to optimize services and streamline communications by providing them with the tools to recruit, organize, coordinate and supervise volunteers remotely. The missions are either automatically created and entered in the system following the citizens’ requests or are created by the organization and assigned to the volunteers. The Assistant Volunteer will provide real time information to the users.
Finally, “Assistant Volunteer” will also collect data (analytics), which will facilitate the evaluation of volunteers and actions, optimizing processes, increasing efficiency, providing valuable data to organizations.

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