Climate change scenarios at the local scale

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Scope, rationale, context: general description. Precise here if this technology is currently use (eg. company name or contact info) MeteoGrid offers weather forecasting services applied to the planning of hazardous events such as fires. These services are geared towards research into complex future scenarios and planning consultancy. MeteoGrid is currently involved in the Clarity project (H2020) as the coordinating partner of the pilot in Spain and is responsible for generating future fire hazard indicators based on predicted changes in weather variables such as temperature, humidity and precipitation. The expected results are to improve resilience in urban and infrastructure areas and are applicable in Spain or any other European Union country. CORDEX models are used for forecasting and statistical dowscaling methods (FICLIMA) are used for their reduction on a local scale.

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Climate Models (CMs) are the main tool used to simulate future climate conditions. They provide valuable information on the general characteristics of the atmosphere in the future, but have limitations with respect to surface effects (e.g., precipitation, temperature) and details at the local scale. These limitations are mainly due to the low resolution of the MCs (100-300 km cells), which prevents the proper representation of the details of the topography that greatly influence the local climate.
Meteogrid offers a range of consultancy services aimed at generating climate change scenarios on a local scale through statistical downscaling techniques. These techniques obtain the local scale surface effects (precipitation, temperature) required for the assessment of climate impacts and for the successful proposal of concrete adaptation measures for each case.
Atmospheric conditions are directly related to the factors that influence the development and spread of fires and their impact on the territory. For this reason, Meteogrid is working on several research studies aimed at providing future forecasts on the possible evolution of fire under climate change scenarios.

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