G-Sense - Earthquake Rapid Damage Assessment for Buildings

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Scope, rationale, context: general description. Precise here if this technology is currently use (eg. company name or contact info) G-Sense is a rapid damage assessment of buildings based on the new low cost accelerograph that can be installation in different floors of buildings. Just after an earthquake the system automatically estimates the probability of damages for every instrumented building and the damage data are collected in a central C2 s/w where the probable damages are visualized and response is prioritized. Currently deployed in a number of public buildings (schools and hospitals) in Greece Company Contact Info: Dimitris Diagourtas (d.diagourtas@satways.net), Satways Ltd (www.satways.net)

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Satways Ltd recently developed the G-sense system comprising of a network of sensor nodes installed in different floors of a building measuring acceleration. The nodes include a low noise MEMS tri-axial accelerometer, a 16bit ADC, a power control (UPS) unit, an integrated processing unit enabling on-board processing, GPS option for time synchronization and a gateway (mini PC) for real-time data acquisition, analysis and archiving. The gateway is calculating damage probabilities for every floor following an earthquake event and sends damage alerts to a central command and control software that monitors all G-sense installations in different buildings, the nodes state of health and change the nodes and gateway configuration remotely when required.

TRL of the proposed solution - Innovation stage (if applicable) 9: System Test, Launch & Operations

Web addresses/URL of flyers and information Rapid damage assessment, low cost accelerograph, interstory drift

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Lower cost and smaller accelerometer with better dynamic range (24bit) and better sensor sensitivity

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Innovative rapid damage assessment based on low cost sensors to enable massive deployments in buildings.