Anticipate vulnerability, and communicate to the public (TOP CHALLENGE)

  • Boost the public information function. Develop a specific communication strategy to maintain credibility, including social media.
  • Psychological support.
  • Boost the support/advisory/analyst function to focus on key relevant intelligence to anticipate relevant changes.
  • Prioritise response and resources allocation to avoid the collapse of the emergency response system:
    • There is a need to shift the focus from minimizing potential damages to reducing the collapse of the emergency response system for the final scenario, considering different values, applying triage techniques. (TOP CHALLENGE scored 7/12 among our 12 best challenges)
    • Anticipate probable alternative final scenarios.
    • Prioritize to grant the availability of responders, logisticians, other resources and key specialists (mobility, effort management, external aids, responders’ health…) and also grant a shared understanding.
  • Identify, differentiate and deactivate critical points that can propagate the emergency, especially those vectors ofpropagation that could lead to domino effect.
  • Integrate feedback from community.

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