Pre-plan interoperability and enhance synergies


  • It is necessary to have a legal framework for cross-border help, emergency support, victim transportation, recognition of qualifications...
  • Pre-plan should be known by all agencies and stakeholders
  • Emergency preparedness should be dealt with international / European perspectives.
  • Enhance synergies between experts, including first responders, planners, engineers, specialized industries, land and infrastructure managers; between agencies and from regional, to national and international level. Share specialists and experts.
  • Plan strategic ownership.
  • Boost the exchange of aid-teams with the objective to practice in emergencies of low and medium complexity (monitoring, shadowing, exchanges…) with the aim to train themselves and be useful in aiding at the big ones.
  • Agreed chain of command, specifying roles and capabilities in advanced.
  • Establish agreements and structures for cross-collaboration between entities (private and public) with specific key intelligence on the risk, with those who have power of decisions on factors that modify the risk and with those who have influence on the management of the risk.
  • European interagency round tables for lessons learned processes and the generation of new standards.

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