AIOSAT - Autonomous Indoor and Outdoor Safety Tracking System

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Scope, rationale, context: general description. Precise here if this technology is currently use (eg. company name or contact info) This solution is born in a H2020 project funded by GSA, in the SPACE program, which is focused on the use and evolution of the GALILEO program (European GPS --> GNSS: Global Navigation Satellite System). However, the AIOSAT project proposes a hybridation of all the known GNSS constellations with other technologies and techniques for improving the indoor and outdoor positioning for a safer operation of the firefighters by means of tracking and alert functions. The Europe population experiences yearly about 2 million to 2.5 million fires with 20 to 25 thousand deaths and 250 to 500 thousand reported injuries. Moreover. Even though satellite-based positioning technology allows rescue workers to already operate efficiently, GPS availability, reliability, and accuracy are often poor during outdoor fire operations, for example due to thick smoke, dense forests, rough terrain and inside buildings. In this context, the objective of AIOSAT (Autonomous Indoor & Outdoor Safety Tracking System) is to progress beyond the state of the art by defining the AIOSAT concept that aims to overcome aforementioned limitations of GNSS usage in rescue interventions and to extend it to indoor interventions. The main paths to the goal are the definition of the following milestones: - the end-user needs and system requirements for the AIOSAT system, - the Advanced Positioning Subsystem fused with a particle filter - the hybridized and standalone communications subsystem based on Lora and Bluetooth long range technologies - the tracking and alerting (TA) applications deployed on a portable tablet and on the Mobile Coordination Center, - the building an integration prototype system validated during field tests validated in 3 representatives scenarios (September-December 2020): Household and industrial case in Twente Safety Campus (Netherlands), underground parking lot in Gent (Belgium) and difficult outdoor intervention in Extremadura (Spain)

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In a nutshell, AIOSAT proposes a portable system which provides its position and status information (battery life, communication quality of service and any body parameter monitored, if any) to a portable application held by the brigade leader and a PC based aplication in the Mobile Coordination Center.
In the portable device, GNSS positions are enhanced with EGNOS and fused with position information inferred from IMU Pedestrian Dead Reckoning algorithms and Ultrawideband RF interdistance. A particle filter is adapted for the fusion of the input data to provide the position of the node.
The portable system is completed with a long range lora ad-hoc connection with a server in a truck, a Bluetooth long range link for the members of the brigade and a satellite+4G connection for the rural interventions where the standards communications are not reliable.
The portable an d the PC based application are connected to the nodes wirelessly and centralised in a MQTT based server.

The final validation is forecasted in September-December 2020 and will improve the TRL level of the solution to TRL7

TRL of the proposed solution - Innovation stage (if applicable) 5-6: Technology Developement & Demonstration

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The final validation will be performed in 3 relevant scenarios:
- Twente Safety Campus in Enschede (NL)
- Parking lot in Gent (BE)
- Outdoor challenging scenario in SP

Commercial companies and business experts will be present in some validation tests due to their interests in the system.
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