Automatic Post Earthquake Damage Assessment

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Scope, rationale, context: general description. Precise here if this technology is currently use (eg. company name or contact info) The scope of this particular solution is the automatic post earthquake reliable damage assessment on buildings as well as the identification of probable changes in the landscape due to earthquake using drones.

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The algorithm is under development in its early stages. Image acquisition and data sharing through drone is nowadays a usual task. The aim of our project is to acquire pre- and post-earthquake images of an area, to compare them and evaluate the damage grade in building level or detect changes in the landscape for possible landslide phenomena. Drones could fly fast, take the image and sent it back to a command and control center. Besides, the simple image, we want to evaluate the damage grade due to ground shaking so first responders can compare it with other data and be better prepared. Drones and GIS is the heart behind the philosophy of this algorithm. Inputs and outputs of the algorithm will be on the most usual file formats for further editing.

Keywords: GIS, Drones, damage grade, landslides, image analysis, machine learning, deep learning

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The algorithm is under development, the ultimate goal is to make it operational and interoperable with the majority of systems exist in the market.