ENGAGE IMS/CAD (Incident Management & Computer Aided Dispatch)

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Scope, rationale, context: general description. Precise here if this technology is currently use (eg. company name or contact info) The ENGAGE IMS/CAD constitutes an integrated Call-Center solution for public safety organizations providing all the tools for call & incident management, computer aided dispatch, operational resource management and disparate crucial information data integration. Combining advanced searching; filtering in current and historical data and geo-correlation of data operations are enhanced with situational awareness, decision support and electronic logging of incident information and related actions of the involved organizations. ENGAGE IMS/CAD is currently in use by the Hellenic Fire Service at National Scale. Company Contact Info: Dimitris Diagourtas, (d.diagourtas@satways.net), Satways Ltd, www.satways.net)

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ENGAGE is designed for operational use by professional organizations employing mobile resources, such as Police, Fire Departments, Rescue Services, Emergency services, Security Departments etc. ENGAGE is designed to support multi-Agency deployments permitting: a) Each Agency autonomous operation, b) Exchange of information and operational picture among Agencies and Collaborative response in cases of crisis and Large economy of scale

Based on a highly modular and reconfigurable S/W platform and a reliable, distributed Event Driven architecture, ENGAGE supports comprehensive incident control and dispatching for Public Safety offering an unmatched combination of speed, reliability, and features adaptive to highly complex communication environments.

The modularity and expandability of ENGAGE permits:
• To adapt the final solution to the exact user requirements in a cost and time efficient way
• To enable customers to incrementally upgrade to high end system
• To ensure the final outcome of Multi-phase projects (e.g. Security Coordination Centers)
• To permit independency from vendor S/W, hardware and sensor technologies

Next Generation Emergency Call systems is about managing data (IP voice, text, pictures, video). Building upon ENGAGE’s proven emergency call taking and incident data management platform, personnel can take actions through the real-time exchange of incoming and historical information.

TRL of the proposed solution - Innovation stage (if applicable) 9: System Test, Launch & Operations

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Augmented Reality capability
Rich client & Pure Web solution capability

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Main Features:
ENGAGE IMS/CAD is a modular C2 application that can be easily tailored according to the specific end user requirements
Multi-Agency Command and Control Solution supporting multiple Agencies Interoperability
New Collaborative Environment to support exchange of operational picture and collaborative response
New Training environment
New emergency plans handling
Mobile data though ENGAGE Commander (Tablet touch screen), and ENGAGE Mobile (Smartphone app)
Supports both rich client and web clients.
The only IMS/CAD solution in the market that supports multi-screen web interface