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Scope, rationale, context: general description. Precise here if this technology is currently use (eg. company name or contact info) Ofire+ is a human-centered decision-support system for managing (prevention, early warning information and response) crises related to the occurrence of wildfires. The key components of the system are the cloud application (administrator) and the mobile application (users). The two parts complement each other and the communication channel they create through their connectivity is the main advantage of the system, in addition to the individual functionalities and information provided by each component separately. The cloud application (admin) is intended to facilitate the operational needs of security managers of private or public critical infrastructure such as touristic, industrial, health, cultural, archeological, municipal and others. The mobile application is intended to be utilized by residents, visitors and/ or field actors such as civil protection volunteers, security crews and others, who can be found on site of infrastructures having the system in operation The system is currently under development by Omikron SA.

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The main features of the Ofire+ system, which makes it innovative, are the functionalities that are described below:
- the provision of local information in order to carry out targeted preventive actions during the days with high probability for a wildfire so as to increase the levels of direct and indirect protection.
- support in making informed decisions on the proper management of response time in the face of a threat from a wildfire.
- support in providing timely and credible, targeted and personalized communication and guidance to users by the administrator, where and when required, on days with high or very high probability for a wildfire or during the course of a fire incident.
To achieve the purpose of the system, scientific (fuel models, meteorological parameters, simulation of fire event behavior), operational (user location, collection points, control points, fire hydrants) and other spatial (roads, trails, etc.) data are used.
Keywords: decision making, crisis management, early warning, two way communication, wildfires

TRL of the proposed solution - Innovation stage (if applicable) 5-6: Technology Developement & Demonstration

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Future developments will include functionalities related to early warning of fire using satellite media, crowdsourcing of relevant to wildfires public information and better resource management in the field