Weather forecasts systems (WFS) and Early Warning Systems (EWS)

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Hydrometeorological forecasts are operational support tools for the various actors involved in the management of emergencies such as forest fires. Meteogrid provides detailed forecasting services in the short (up to ten days) and medium term (next months) with high spatial resolution. Forecast variables can be transformed into high value-added derivative products to provide warnings or alarms in different sectors of activity, including fire danger and impacts on the territory.
Furthermore, these forecasts are supported by gis-web platforms and patented supply systems whose interface and functionality are adapted to the needs of the type of emergency and to the user's preferences in order to provide a utility in the operational field.

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Estas soluciones innovadoras ofrecen la siguiente información: Un pronóstico con predicciones meteorológicas para apoyar procesos de toma de decisión y alertas que traducen la información meteorológica en información directamente aplicable en la gestión de las actividades y procesos agrícolas y apícolas. Estas alertas automatizadas ofrecen información específica para evaluar el riesgo relacionado con diferentes eventos meteorológicos desfavorables