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The ultimate objective of the FIRE-IN project is to raise the security level of the EU citizens by improving the Fire & rescue services capabilities to address various forms of hazards, natural or manmade. In this aspect, FIRE-IN joins its forces with practitioners, experts, professional networks, standardization bodies, research and technology organizations and industries, public and private in order to reach its objective and provide the latest technology to all involved parties.

For the implementation of this objective industries are one of the main pillars of FIRE-IN project. Existing solutions and future ideas that are on the rise due to the evolution of technology and possibly could cover existing of future gaps in the fields of SAR & Emergency response, Structure Fires, Landscape Fires, Natural hazard and CBRNE come in the surface only from the interaction with industry.

The e-FIRE-IN collaborative platform is a unique tool through which the establishment of connections between industry, research organizations, practitioners and experts is possible.

Engaging with FIRE-IN will:

  • Help you minimize costs for Research and Development
  • Reduce time for testing, procurement and implementation of the new technologies
  • Provide you a safe collaborative environment with other industries, research institutions and practitioners across Europe and beyond
  • Help you interact with end-users
  • Increase your branding visibility and image
  • Help you promote your products
  • Enable European industries and SMEs to exploit your research results and development products and services
  • Provide you with improved response to Fire & Rescue practitioner-driven market needs
  • Make you a part of FIRE-IN and a pan-European contact database of the emergency industry
  • Provide you the means to contribute to the improvement of the Fire & Rescue capabilities of Europe

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