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The ultimate objective of the FIRE-IN project is to raise the security level of the EU citizens by improving the Fire & rescue services capabilities to address various forms of hazards, natural or manmade. In this aspect, FIRE-IN joins its forces with practitioners, experts, professional networks, standardization bodies, research and technology organizations and industries, public and private in order to reach its objective and provide the latest technology to all involved parties.

Research and Technology organizations are an essential part of innovation and technological as well as societal advancement. For the implementation of the objectives of the FIRE-IN project research institutes (public and private) are of utmost importance. They provide potential solutions and future ideas based on scientific evidence, technology development and conceptual work. Researchers are grounding their work on factual data collection, experiments, simulation and modelling approaches as well as theoretical and conceptual design for current and future challenges of our society. These encompass addressing future gaps in the fields of SAR & Emergency response, Structure Fires, Landscape Fires, Natural hazard and CBRNE. The provision of dedicated, scientific solid solutions for the future and critical perspectives on the status quo are core competencies of research institutes. For the application of scientific knowledge basic and applied research needs to be linked, verified, adopted and realized in partnership with other stakeholders e.g. practitioners, industry partners.

The e-FIRE-IN collaborative platform is a unique tool through which the establishment of connections between industry, research organizations, practitioners and experts is possible.

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Engaging with FIRE-IN will:

  • Help you to engage with endusers such as practitioners, industry partners, governmental and non-governmental institutions
  • Create synergies for testing, procurement and implementation of your developed technologies
  • Allows to apply innovative methodologies for current and future societal challenges
  • Be on the frontline of research on Fire and Rescue innovation
  • Extend your network within and beyond academia
  • Provide you a safe collaborative environment with industry partners, other research institutions and practitioners across Europe and beyond
  • Increase your visibility within and beyond your field of expertise
  • Enable European industries and SMEs to effectively use your research results and developed products and services
  • Provide you with improved response to Fire & Rescue practitioner-driven market needs
  • Get you insights from various experts from different countries and contexts
  • Make you a part of FIRE-IN and a pan-European contact database on the state-of-the-art Fire & Rescue research and technology development
  • Provide you the means to contribute to the improvement of the Fire & Rescue capabilities of Europe

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