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AAMKS - Open source, web-based platform for assessing the fire safety of humans in buildings

Technical document

Aamks is an open source, web-based platform for assessing the fire safety of humans in buildings. Aamks runs hundreds of fire simulations (CFAST) and evacuation simulations (Aamks.Evac) and then evaluates the results. In each simulation humans are moving across the building and are affected by fire and smoke.

AAMKS performs a stochastic analysis of life safety in building fires using deterministic models for fire and evacuation and stochastic sampling of the uncertain input parameters in day-to-day work.

AAMKS core developers:


  • Andrzej Krauze;
  • Hubert Zawistowski;
  • Mateusz Mackiewicz;
  • Mateusz Zimny;
  • Simo Hostikka;
  • Stanisław Łazowy;
  • Wojtek Kowalski.

AAMKS is an open source software released under the GPL license.

For more information please see:

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  • AAMKS YouTube channel:


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