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Fire-in Privacy Policy

Fire-in is a research project within Horizon 2020 Programme. It is governed by consortium of private companies, NGO and research institutions from several European countries. The Project is coordinated by the Safe Cluster, ASSOCIATION PEGASE (SAFE), Association, 492957576, established in AV LOUIS PHILIBERT DOMAINE DU PETIT AR, 13545, AIX EN PROVENCE, France.
We take the protection of your personal information very seriously and adhere strictly to the rules set down by data protection legislation. The following statement provides an overview of how we ensure this protection and explains which types of data we collect for which purposes, how we handle your data and your rights – information according to Articles 13, 14 and 21 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Description of the project

The project is funded by the European Commission's Research and Innovation Programme Horizon 2020 as part of the HORIZON 2020 research programme, thematic axis "Secure societies: protecting freedom and security in Europe for its citizens 
The main purpose of the FIRE-IN (Innovation-Network) project is "to improve the national and European process of fire and rescue capability development by encouraging innovation in this field and promoting advanced solutions to recognised operational needs". 

The challenge of FiRe-IN is to create, develop and lead a network of operational actors (people in the field) in relief and civil security in order to define and promote research and innovation in their field.

Three objectives are assigned to this network:

  • Express common innovation requirements to meet field needs;
  • Indicate priorities for areas requiring further standardization.
  • Monitor research projects with a view to recommending the adoption or industrialization of results;

As part of the project will be implemented:

  • Interviews with hundreds of emergency experts from all over Europe, 
  • Identification of their common problems and needs, 
  • Search for innovative solutions 
  • Implementation of a system for "connecting" practitioners with companies that use relevant technologies.

The project is expected to reduce costs and optimize investments by R & D, reduce the time required to implement new fire-fighting technologies and simplify international collaboration between practitioners. This is to significantly reduce the risks and increase the level of security for EU citizens.

The aim is to be able to propose to the European Commission, both the identification of a network of European civil security operational staff and precise definitions of the needs of these actors, which are precursors to future calls for research projects
Processing of personal data

We process your personal data for various purposes in line with the relevant data protection laws, in particular the GDPR and the national laws of project partners. We will process your data on these purposes:

  • To perform data collection via the eplatform 
  • To achieve the research objectives of the Fire-in project, the consortium needs to collect relevant data from practitioners 
  • To ensure communication with users and data subjects (legal basis: legitimate interests; Article 6 Paragraph 1 Letter f GDPR),
  • To ensure marketing, propagation and information sharing purposes (legal basis: your consent; Article 6 Paragraph 1 Letter a GDPR),
  • To maintain optimal page performance by cookies, automatic collection of access data, server log files etc. (legal basis: your consent; Article 6 Paragraph 1 Letter a GDPR),

In order to make visiting this platform more attractive and allow the use of certain functions, we use so-called cookies on various pages. Cookies are small text files, which are stored on your end device. Cookies can be transmitted when a page is accessed, thereby allowing attribution of the user. Cookies help make it simpler for users to use web pages. Some of the cookies used by us are deleted when the browser session is finished, i.e. when the browser is closed (so-called session cookies). Other cookies remain on your end device and make it possible for us to recognize your browser again on your next visit (so-called persistent cookies).

You can set your browser so that your are informed when cookies are used and then decide in each individual case whether to accept them, or else you can rule out acceptance of cookies in certain cases or in general. You can delete cookies, which have already been applied. If cookies are not accepted, the functionality of our website may be limited.

•    To organize various conferences, seminars, workshops and other events in order to promote, explain, popularize and share information about Fire-in and its research goals and achievements (legal basis: your consent; Article 6 Paragraph 1 Letter a GDPR),
•    To evaluate our work, organization of various surveys related to Fire-in project and its procedures and outcomes (legal basis: your consent; Article 6 Paragraph 1 Letter a GDPR),

The data processed based on this purposes will be used for Fire-in project-related activities only. Your data will under no circumstances be disclosed or sold to any third party except controllers carefully chosen and bind by contractual obligations to process personal data on behalf of controller and with compliance of GDPR.

Type of the Data Collected

The data to be collected for Fire-in data collection via this platfrom cover mobility-related data and activity/behavioural data.

Sensitive data, as defined in Article 9 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)[1], as well as data concerning income are excluded from the data collection. The data processed based on this purpose will be used for research purposes only.
Cookies may occasionally collect information about your device, IP address, MAC address, information about your operation system, screen resolution, internet provider, browser type and version, previously visited website, etc. You can control yourself what cookies can collect by adjusting settings in your browser.

For all other purposes only contact information of data subject is processed (e.g.: name and surname, position and workplace, e-mail, phone number).

Security and Storage of your Data

We are doing our best to protect your personal data and privacy. For this reason access to personal data is allowed only for selected personnel of project partners. Personal data processed for purposes relevant only for selected partner (e.g. competition within one country, communication with selected project partner, etc. will be processed always only by partner, that collected our data. Access limitation will apply in any case.

Your data collected by data collection via Fire-in will be stored in the encrypted database of project partner ENSOSP, located in France (EU Member country). Only the Fire-in research team and partners will have access to this data. Even among project partners, limitation of access will be applied to allow access to data to researchers dealing with data analysis tasks. All other personnel will have access only to pseudonymised data (i.e. that will not allow identification of participants). At the end of the Fire-in project in May 2020, the collected data will be anonymised and used for preparing and publishing an Open Dataset of mobility/behavioural data in which individual participant identification will not be possible. The Fire-in dataset may also be used for producing scientific publications, reports and for dissemination activities.

In any case, your data will neither be shared nor sold to third parties. The sole purpose of storing your data is for carrying out the research envisaged in the FIre-in project. Furthermore, your data will not be shared with countries outside the European Union (except for Switzerland that is associated through Horizon 2020, and is providing adequate personal data protection according the EC decision[2]).

We only process your personal data for as long as is necessary to serve the respective purpose of processing. In addition, we are subject to various storage and documentation obligations, including those arising from European Commission and Innovation and Networks Executive Agency related to Horizon 2020 rules and procedures. These obligations can apply for up to 5 years after the project is finished.

Your Rights

Participation in the data collection via Fire-in registration is always voluntary. You have the right to withdraw your consent and participation at any time according to GDPR Article 6(1) without any consequences. Participation can be withdrawn either through the mobile app, or through the national Ethics and Data Protection Manager. In such case, the collected data will not be used for Fire-in and will be erased, unless you agree that your personal data is used for the project after being thoroughly anonymised.
Furthermore, you have the right to access, to rectify, to erase, to restrict the processing, the right to data portability and the right to object, as granted in GDPR Articles 15 -22. Upon request, your national supervisory authority will provide you information on exercising your rights according to Article 57(e) GDPR.
Users are also legally entitled to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority (Article 77 GDPR). The supervisory authority responsible for controller is Office for personal data protection can be bound here :

If you have any questions or would like to raise an issue, please contact the Ethics and Data Protection Manager in your country, the Ethical Advisor or the Data Protection Officer.

Their contact details are : ENSOSP, National School of Fire fighter Officers, Wilfried Stefic :

Data Breach

In case of a data breach, a procedure is in place to evaluate and solve any security incident, including the assessment of risks of such incident to your rights and freedoms. Any security incidents that may cause a high risk to your rights and freedoms will be reported to the Data Protection Officer. He will undertake all steps necessary to minimise negative consequences. You will promptly receive a notification by email about the nature of the data breach, the information lost and the actions taken.


The Fire in project has appointed a Data Protection Officer and an independent Ethical Advisor for the Project.
Due to the data collection taking place across European countries, each partner and Linked Third Party has appointed an Ethics and Data Protection Manager to ensure your rights and to monitor and solve any potential ethical issues. The Ethics and Data Protection Manager in your country will gladly answer all your questions, in your language, on data protection and ethics related to the Fire-in project.